New Employee Orientation



What’s changing?

  • Time of Day: All Winter NEO Sessions will be held from 1:00-4:00pm
  • Day of the Week: NEO Sessions will be held every Tuesday + Thursday in November and December
  • Location: Most NEO Sessions will be held at the Keystone Conference Center throughout the winter season. In rare cases that this is not possible, the hiring manager and registered participants will be notified via email at least 3 days prior. Also, please be sure to check the SP site for the most up-to-date location!
  • VRR Managers: Please contact Amber Donnell to help you register your new hires for NEO  

What’s NOT changing?

  • After November + December, we will go back to Thursday NEO sessions, still at 1:00-4:00pm (3 sessions in January, and every other week February-April)
  • Registration for NEO sessions still takes place on the SharePoint site
  • Aside from a few minor tweaks, NEO Content will largely remain the same

Why is the NEO day/time changing?

We believe that hosting NEO sessions on Tuesday + Thursday afternoons will be beneficial in several ways:

  • Gives New Employees a chance to settle into housing if they’ve just arrived.
  • Offers New Employees an opportunity to meet with you in person before NEO so that you can welcome them and set expectations.
  • Provides extra time in the morning to ensure employees who are new to the resort can get to the NEO session in a timely and safe manner, prepared to start working. 
  • Will reduce the number of no-shows and ensure that all employees who are attending have completed all necessary Onboarding Paperwork with HR.

We know that many of you schedule your Department Trainings around NEO – so please plan accordingly for this updated NEO day/time. And remember that the Employees that you sign up for NEO will have to complete all HR paperwork before attending your Department Training or NEO. We welcome your feedback as we test out this new schedule over the winter.

Check out the full calendar of NEO sessions throughout the entire winter season

on the NEO SharePoint Site

(the site works best using an Internet Explorer browser)


  • Who should attend NEO? All new employees, or employees who have been away from Vail Resorts for more than 12 months.
    • In order to be eligible to attend NEO, employees need to complete all HR paperwork. If their I-9 paperwork is not complete, please have them go to the Keystone HR Office to do this before they attend NEO.
  • When should new/returning employees attend NEO? NEO is intended for employees to take within their first 2 weeks of work.
  • How do I register employees for NEO? Once they’ve completed their I-9 paperwork with HR, please register them for NEO at least 3 days prior to the session you’d like them to attend using the Keystone NEO SharePoint Registration site
    • If you do not have access to the Keystone NEO SharePoint site, please e-mail Katie Hardy directly to gain access
    • If you need a refresher on how to use the SharePoint site, check out the Registration Site Instructions doc
  • Why NEO?
    • Benefits for YOU, the Manager – Your new employee will…
      • Experience the Mission, Vision and Culture of Vail Resorts
      • Learn about our 6 Company Values, and also consider how their own personal values tie to what they do at work every day
      • Get a foundation of knowledge that will make your department-specific training much easier
      • Have clear expectations around Vail Resorts standards for guest service, safety and behavior
    • Benefits for your NEW EMPLOYEE
      • Connecting with peers
      • Clear expectations of how to be successful at Vail Resorts
      • Understanding of perks and benefits that come with being a Vail Resorts employee
      • … and of course, free snacks and a Keystone water bottle!


  • Please register your new hire for an upcoming NEO session by 10am 3 business days prior to the session to hold their spot (TD has to confirm final numbers with Conference Services by 10am 3 days prior):
    • For Tuesday Sessions: register by 10am Thursday prior
    • For Thursday Sessions: register by 10am Monday prior
  • See attached for an outline of the Keystone NEO Process, including information about session Registration, Location, and Expectations
  • When you register your employee for NEO, you must include their Employee ID number. This indicates that they have completed all necessary HR Onboarding Paperwork and are ready to begin working.

NEO LOCATION (confirmed 3 days prior):  

  • The location is updated on the SP site 3 days prior to the session. Please always check the SP site for the latest location information.
  • Driving + Parking Directions are posted here. Please share the location + directions with your new hires so they know where they are headed for the session. See the NEO Manager Guide that shares a high-level overview of what we cover in NEO so you know the info your new hire is getting.
    • Ten Mile Room, Keystone Lodge, 3rd floor
    • Arapahoe Room, Keystone Lodge, 3rd floor
    • Suns Room, Keystone Lodge, 2nd floor
    • Castle Peak Room 3-4, Conference Center, 2nd floor

Once in Keystone, go past the traffic light (West Keystone Rd), the Lodge is on the right side of Hwy 6. Complimentary parking for the Lodge is on the left side of Hwy 6 by the Conference Center. Access the lodge by walking the underground pedestrian tunnel, turn right and follow beside the Keystone lake till you run into the Lodge on your right side. 

We are excited to have you as part of the Keystone team. To make your transition easier, we have included some information that will help you settle in and enjoy your stay in Keystone, Colorado. Come soak up the sun and enjoy the powder in Summit County - Colorado’s playground!

Click here to check out the New Employee Welcome Packet!