I-9 Check In

Are you ready to check in?


  1. Did you receive an email with your Employee ID number? (6 digit #)
  2. Did you receive an email with instructions to complete your Form I-9 on my.vailresorts.com?

If you answered NO to either question: 

Make sure you check your inbox again and spam folder.

Reach out to your manager to determine what are you still missing or call People Connect 303-404-1900.


  1. Did you follow the steps and complete your Form I-9?
  2. Did you sign the Ski Pass Liability Waiver and Employee Handbook? Click on the * Required Updates after logging in. Both must be signed BEFORE checking in.


If you answered NO to either question:

From a computer or smartphone, complete the steps listed on the email 

Step 3

  1. You are ready to Check-In! 
  2. Bring a form of Government ID (Passport, birth certificate, Driver License) to check in.

Check ins are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30am-12:30pm at the Employee Center

Employee Center Information

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Closed Weekends

970-496-4525 KeystoneEmpCenter@VailResorts.com

We also have computers available at the Keystone Employee Center for those who may not have access to the internet.

Directions to Employee Center 

1. Pass large Keystone sign on right and continue to stoplight.

2. Turn left on to Tennis Club Road.

3. Then take first left; Employee Center will be on the left next to 9 Keystone Grocery.