Get Outside! Strava™ Challenge - Extended through August!


Welcome to Epic Wellness at Keystone Resort, sponsored by your very own Keystone Street Team!

We would like to welcome you to this club with the intention of getting you and your friends outside, as being active is good for the MIND, BODY, WALLET, and your overall EPIC WELLNESS.

It is now sweet summertime here in Keystone, and we are kicking it off with our monthly challenge for July, 2021. This challenge presents you with 10 different activities you can choose from. All you have to do: complete 5/10 challenges to win a prize of your choice! Please make sure all challenges are recorded on Strava for credit.

The Challenges:

  • Hike Gray’s & Torrey’s (The two beautiful 14er’s looking down on our wonderful resort)
    • For hiking routes, download All Trails or from your App store
  • Bike 3 different biking trails (Snake River Bluff, Incline to Power line, ANY Keystone Mountain Trails, Granny’s Trail, etc.)
    • For trail suggestions, download Mountain Bike Project from your App store
  • Rock Climbing at Haus Rock – Must climb 3 different routes.
    • For route suggestions, download Mountain Project from your App store
  • Hike the 7/11 trail at the top of Keystone Resort (It will make you want to ski Bergman Bowl!)
    • For hiking routes, download All Trails from your app store
  • Paddle in the Summit Cove Bay (Stand-up paddle board, kayak, canoe, etc.)
  • Bike up and over Loveland Pass (Wave to our neighbors at Abay)
  • Walk lake to lake (Start small at Keystone Lake, and go big to Lake Dillon)
  • Run 3 miles in Keystone (Path/trail of your choice)
  • Walk, Run, Hike, or Bike up the Gulch Road to LaBonte’s (Sorry, no BBQ at the end)
  • Keep on swimming! (Swim some laps in your local pool of choice)


  • Hammock
  • Camelback
  • 1 month gym membership at the Silverthorne Rec Center
  • Keystone Lodge & Spa Gift Card
  • Free kayak/paddle board/paddle boat rental at the Keystone Adventure Center
  • Free bike rental from Keystone Sports

This monthly challenge will begin on July 1st, 2021. The last day to submit any of these challenges will be July 31st 2021. The Keystone Street Team will go through and score your challenges and reach out to you for you to pick your prize if you have completed this challenge! Good luck, and we will see you outside!

Need more help understanding strava? Click here for instructions.