Congratulations to Austin Carpenter, Keystone Resort's Top EpicService Winner!

Austin Carpenter is a member of the Food & Beverage team. He was selected as this year’s EpicService Award Winner for Keystone!  Austin was nominated by a fellow employee for providing EpicService and creating an Experience of a Lifetime.


Austin was nominated by Matt Neubauer back in February and here is their story: 


“Austin was managing the floor at the Outpost Restaurant when he heard someone yell for HELP. Quickly assessing the situation, Austin noticed one of the guests at the table was choking and turning purple in the face. Weighing all the options, he realized he didn't have time to call Ski Patrol. He was at a crossroads. Knowing if he engaged the guest this was an increased chance of Covid exposure. If he did nothing, the guest may not survive. Austin stepped up to take action. He asked for consent from the group and started to provide the Heimlich maneuver. Forty-five seconds later, which I'm sure felt like a lifetime, the guest was able to breathe again. That first breath of air from the guest allowed everyone a sigh of relief. I want to recognize Austin for his dedication and commitment to the service and safety of the guests. This is a clear example of how Austin is aligned with the company's core values. Thank you Austin.”