Discounted Dining for Keystone Employees

Employee discounts are not valid when another promotion is being offered.

Alcohol excluded from discounts.

25% off for all ACTIVE Keystone employees + 3 guests.

Come check out our new menus, breakfast & lunch! Don’t forget, employees always get 1$ coffees through the Lakeside Deli.  Please bring your own coffee mug and help our journey to zero.

New extended hours start Friday June 1st: Edgewater Café 6:30am-3pm, Lakeside Deli 6:30am-5pm

25% off for all ACTIVE Keystone employees


  Starbucks (River Run) At River Run, bring your own mug and they will fill it with hot brewed black coffee or tea for a $1! During the first hour that they are open, an employee can purchase a breakfast sandwich for $3!

   Starbucks (Dumont)

25% off for all ACTIVE Keystone employees + 3 guests

9280 TapHouse, Three Peaks Restaurant, Der Fondue Chessel, Alpenglow Stube, The Ranch Restaurant, Ski Tip Lodge, Edgewater Café, Lakeside Deli, Bighorn Bistro and Sleigh Ride Dinners.

Check out all the dining options at Keystone, *please note that not all restaurants listed in the link offer employee discounts*


What? Even more discounts for Keystone employees? Yup, it's true! Click here for the PDF with all the details!